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How to Teach Your Kids About Nature In As Little As 1 Hour A Week...
Even If You Don't Know ANYTHING About Science!
As Parents, We want to spend Quality Outdoor time with Our kids Doing Fun Activities, but We lack...
-enough TIME to plan them
-the Right TOOLS to Do them
If you have school-aged kids, you know this problem all too well:
Our kids are spending far too much time on screens and not enough time playing outside, using their creativity, and being physically active.
    If they spend too much time inside, we worry that:
    • - they Won't Be As Healthy as they could be
    •  - they'll Miss Out on fun opportunities to fully engage their imagination and creativity
    •  - they Won't Feel Connected To Nature or understand that they are part of it
    •  - they'll spend Too Much Time On Screens and miss out on fully experiencing childhood
    More than anything, we want our kids:
    • - to grow up to be Happy & Healthy adults
    •  - to Remember & Cherish the time we spent together as a family
    •    - to have a STEM Advantage so they can follow any career path they choose
    •  - to Feel Connected To Nature so they'll have a desire to care for it
    But it's hard to get outside and learning with our kids because:
    • - we are all So Busy that it's hard to fit yet another activity into our already packed schedules
    •  - we Don't Have the Knowledge or the right tools to teach them about nature
    •  - most outdoor Activities Are Written For 2-6 Years Olds so our older kids won't be challenged
    •  - most online activities are Not Written By Experts so we worry if the information is correct
    We End Up Wasting Time & Money...
    spending hours searching online for activities or enrolling them in expensive forest schools and science camps.
    We need a budget friendly and time efficient method for getting outside and learning something new.
    Through my research, teaching, and experiences as a mom,
    I've discovered the secret to helping busy families spend more quality time together outside while also making that time educational.
    And that secret is found in Nature Matters Academy.
    My Story
    I know what you're going through... because I've been there myself.
    As a mom, I learned early on how important nature was for my kids. I had 2 colicky babies who could only be soothed by walks outside. For a time, my husband and I fostered emergency placement babies who suffered from emotional and behavioral issues. Just like my colicky babies, our foster babies were able to sooth themselves when they were outside playing in nature.

    As my kids got older, I looked for activities that would keep them entertained outside and help them learn something new. At first, this was easy because the majority of outdoor activities online are for 2-6 year olds. But as my son got older, I needed activities that were more appropriate for his age and that could build his skill set in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

    I wanted a curriculum that could grow with my children, be adaptable to my family's schedule, and one that was written by an expert.

    I bought nature study curricula and looked at courses online. But everything I purchased fell short of my expectations. Some people were teaching bad science and when I looked at their credentials, they had NO background that gave them the expertise to write a curriculum on nature study. I even watched a man on Youtube teach people incorrect ecological terms - terms that could easily be Googled and understood.

    There was nothing available online that fit my needs or my expectations. NOTHING.

    That's when I realized that I had the expertise as a scientist and the experience as an educator and mom to write the kind of curriculum I wanted for my kids.
    Hi, I'm Dr. Jenny
    I'm a biologist, researcher, educator, and mom.

    I've spent 15 years researching the human-nature connection and I've studied what types of experiences kids need at an early age to feel connected to the natural world. I've published scientific articles on the subject and spoken at numerous conferences around the country.

    I've been able to put my research into practice by teaching my 2 boys, hosting nature study classes for homeschool children, and working with K-12 environmental education initiatives. From my experiences as a biologist, researcher, educator, and mom, I developed a curriculum that meets families where they are. It's a program where parents can get outside with their kids and learn about nature, even if they only have 1 spare hour a week.
    What Would Your Family Life Be Like if You Were Able to Spend 1 Hour Each Week Together - Having Fun Outside & Learning Something New?
    -Your kids would be happier.
    - They would be healthier.
    - They would learn to manage stress.
    - They could do better in school.
    - They would have a STEM advantage over their peers.
    - They might even be nicer to their siblings!!
    Scientific research shows that getting your kids outside at least once a week can make them happier, healthier, and smarter! Being outside also promotes cooperation and friendly behaviors - so you'll get a break from all the bickering too!
    If you had all the tools you needed to get your kids outside and learning in only 1 hour a week...
    You'd be able to spend more quality time together,
    You'd be building your kids' skills and confidence in science,
    And your kids would be happier, healthier, and smarter.
    You can Get your kids outside & learning in only 1 hour a week with...
    Nature Matters Academy!!!
    NATURE MATTERS ACADEMY is monthly membership that provides a STEM-based nature curriculum that's designed to get families outside, exploring nature, and learning science...
    all in as little as 1 hour a week!
    When You Enroll, Every Month You'll Get...
    4 STEM Nature Lessons ($40 Value)
    Looking for a way to make outdoor time educational?

    These lessons will give your kids a STEM advantage, get them outside so they're happier and healthier, and help you spend quality time together.

    Parents in the Academy LOVE the fact that they can confidently teach their kids science because they are given all the tools they need.
    20 Fun Nature Challenges ($10 Value)
    Do you need quick and easy ideas for getting outside?

    This will get your kids outside and exploring nature in a moment's notice. 

    Parents LOVE the challenges because they don't have to come up with new ideas. The kids can simply look at the sheet, pick a challenge, then go outside and do it. It's that simple!

    Plus, if the kids complete all 20 challenges by the end of the month, they win a prize! (Look below!)
    Weekly Nature Crafts ($10 Value)
    Are your kids makers? Do you like to encourage their imagination and creativity?

    By making nature crafts, your kids will practice creativity and enhance their observations skills. When they're working closely with objects from nature, they'll begin to notice things they've never seen before.

    Parents LOVE the crafts because it gives them alternatives each week that help them balance their schedules while doing something fun with their kids.
    The Chance to Earn Prizes! ($20 Value)
    Are your kids motivated by prizes?

    Of course they are! In Nature Matters Academy we've built in a reward system for kids (and parents!) who work hard to get outside regularly. When the kids complete their monthly Nature Challenge sheets, I send them a prize! The prizes change from month to month, so your kids are always getting something new and exciting!

    Parents LOVE that these bonuses are earned because it encourages them and their kids to get outside!
    And, on this page only, I've included FOUR exclusive bonuses that you'll only get by signing up today.
    Once you exit this page, you'll never see this offer will all this value again.
    Bonus #1 - Easy Outdoor Activities
    5 Easy Outdoor Activities You Can Do with Your Kids in 30 Minutes or Less ($30 Value)
    Running short on time? Want to do something outside that's educational but quick?

    This activity eBook will get your family outside, exploring nature, and learning something new in a short period of time. Each of these activities can be done more than once, plus they can be modified to last longer than 30 minutes. Everything we do in Nature Matters Academy is designed to be flexible because all families are different!
    Bonus #2 - STEM Advantage
    How To Give Your Kids An Early STEM Advantage & Why It Matters ($20 Value)
    Are you interested in helping your child learn STEM skills but don't know where to start?

    If you want to give your kids a STEM advantage, you must be purposeful with the activities you choose. Research shows that introducing STEM early is critical for kids to develop STEM skills and confidence. The great part is - it's EASY!! All you need to do is add a little STEM into your day-to-day activities. This short eBook shows you how.
    Bonus #3 - Facebook Community
    Facebook Community of Like-Minded Parents ($50 Value)
    Have you ever bought a curriculum package and had questions?

    I certainly have! Unfortunately, you don't have the ability to communicate with the author and ask questions for clarity. This is not the case in Nature Matters Academy. If you ever have a question or need support, just post it in our Facebook group and myself or another parent will help!
    Bonus #4 - Recipe for Getting Outside
    Nature's 5-Step Recipe for Getting Kids Outdoors & Engaged with Nature ($20 Value)
    Have you ever wondered what it takes to foster environmental stewardship in your children?

    This was my dissertation topic! Everything that I've learned from my research as well as my experiences as a mom is summarized here in this 1-page recipe card. The strategy is simple in theory but can be difficult in practice, especially if you lack the time or tools to implement it. That's where Nature Matters Academy can help!
    Nature Matters Academy will get your family outside & learning in the FIRST week!
    But you're given enough activities to keep your kids outside and entertained for hours! You won't find a better product or price on the market!
    Sign up today! This is a
    limited time offer
    you won't find it anywhere else but here
    14 Day Money Back Guarantee
    If you've tried our amazing program for 2 weeks and aren't satisfied, I'll refund your membership fee. PLUS you'll get to keep ALL the bonuses! I'm that confident in Nature Matters Academy! This guarantee is only good for the first 14 days, so be sure to try out the activities before then.
    Before you go,
    Consider this...
    In Nature Matters Academy, you get everything you need to have fun outside with your kids while also learning something new. The program is educational, flexible, and time efficient - all you need is 1 hour a week! (But we give you plenty of ideas to spend more time outside if you want!)

    Plus, your kids will be learning science from an actual scientist!

    Moms in the program have told me that Nature Matters Academy allows them to "be the type of mom they want to be" - one that can fit fun and educational activities into their busy schedules!

    This program ALONE sells for $35/month on my website, but I'm giving you the program PLUS 4 amazing bonuses for FREE if you sign up today for just $25/month. This offer is only available on this page! If you're not happy with the program after 2 weeks, you can cancel for a refund - no questions asked - AND you get to keep all the bonuses and STEM nature lessons as a gift from me to you.

    Remember to get outside and explore nature! It matters!

     - Dr. Jenny
    Here’s A Recap Of
    EVERYTHING You'll Get
    • Every Month, You'll Get:
    • - 4 STEM-Based Nature Lessons ($40 Value)
    • - 20 Seasonally Appropriate Nature Challenges ($10 Value)
    • - 4 Nature Crafts ($10 Value)
    • - Monthly Bonuses to Keep Your Family Motivated ($20 Value)
    • You'll Also Get the Following Bonuses:
    • Bonus #1: 5 Easy Outdoor Activities- In 30 Minutes ($20 Value)
    • Bonus # 2: Give Your Kids a STEM Advantage ($20 Value)
    • Bonus # 3: Facebook Community of Like-Minded Parents ($50 Value)
    • Bonus # 4: 5-Step Recipe for Getting Kids Outdoors ($10 Value)
    Total Value: $180
      The monthly value alone is $80!
    But today, you're getting all of this...
    For Only $25/Month
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    "I'm so glad I enrolled my family in this program! I feel like it's helping me be the mom I want to be. We struggle with too much screen time and I'm not a great planner. This program has helped me tremendously in finding alternatives. Thanks Dr. Jenny!"

    - Jess K. New Mexico
    Want your kids to be excited about learning?
    "Today, as we walked home from school, my son asked me excitedly, 'What's the nature mystery of the week!' I cannot believe they are getting so into it!"

    - Becka B. Canada
    Want to give your kids a STEM advantage?
    We LOVE the Academy! It incorporates STEM concepts and allows the kids to learn 'outside the box' of a traditional classroom."

    - Marcy B. New Mexico
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